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Friday, April 30th, 2004
1:44 am
you worthless cunts
it just so happens youre all pathetic lowly bitches for needed this community. the lovely glitter devil just so happens to own you and if you got ripped off or scammed its because youre a sorry sack of shit who needs to stop being so needy for friendship.

Current Mood: pissed off
Monday, April 12th, 2004
3:56 am
from enlanoche

from tadzio_di_pola
an $80 bottle of Christian Dior cologne

Do you guys really still have this here? These are admittedly false, coming from the mouths of the livejournal users I "Stole" the things from. You should really delete this if you're trying to give a true accusation.

Does it make you angry that most of the members only joined because I told them to? Do you really still think there is a point to this community? You've emailed everyone on my friend ofs list, and ONE more person made a negative post about me, and it was waaaay off target.
Saturday, April 10th, 2004
12:13 pm
Jake is a fucking ASSHAT!
Before few years ago I knew jake via Furcadia and he kept on rambling about how his life sucked and how he was being booted out, I sent him 100 bucks so he can atleast survive a bit when he did get booted out and when his mother got on his PC nad I talked to her, SHE TOLD ME HE WASTED IT ON FUCKING WORTHLESS SHIT -.-

I talked to him few days after I demanded my money back and he went on rambling how I never sent him anything and that he never knew me.

He moves around to stay with people then mooches off them to get whatever the fuck he wants. HE NEEDS TO BE KILLED -.-

Current Mood: bitchy
Friday, April 9th, 2004
5:31 pm
my post got deleted. I think that's rather stupid, as I got invited, I mean... don't go and invite me if I can't say what I want to say here. Anyway I think this community is kinda pathetic. Everyone can only blame themselves. I'm not saying that Jake didn't do all this stuff cause honestly I don't know, but, you will be taken advantage of when you present yourself that way. So don't lay all the blame on Jake.
But okay, I really can't believe Jake did all this stuff, he's so sweet.
3:44 pm
I met Jake in Florida when he was still living at home with I belive his mom.. We lost touch for a little while and I thought he was the biggest sweetheart.. So we started talking again when I had moved to Oregon.. and I told him I was going to go back to Florid.. He told me to stay in Oregon and that he would come get me from there and we could... use people together? I'm not like that, I went back to florida.

jake and I became no longer friends when I realized he was using Adam (tidegear) and Adam was one of the sweetest people Id ever talked to. Jake also ruined the friendship between Adam and I..

Jake didnt take me for money or anything because I never really had much of anything for myself even. But he sure as hell stole my trust.
2:06 pm
What Is This Business?

Dear Stenchies,
Meh, I joined to write an entry on my time with Jake. Jake and Adrian, tadzio_di_pola, had trouble finding a place to crash since they got kicked out of Adrian's place. So, they called me since I was somewhat near and asked for a place to stay for a couple of days. Blah, blah, blah. The rest of the story. Baught Pizza, gave ten bucks for gas, ORRR MY GOD, what a big deal. Jake was nice to me, though I felt as if he didn't really like me, but whatever. Adrian humored me. He was always so serious. *Stare* Damn ugly fat lady sauce. The whole point of this is that Jake didn't ever come off as a thief or anything bad to me. He seems like a rational person who was nice. He insisted me not to give him money and eat pizza that I baught. *Shrugs* Neato squito guys. *Thumbs up* Well, that's the end of my story with Jake. The rest isn't really necessary to say. CHICKABOOM. Over and out.

P.S. You have my permission to exterminate this post.
*Karate moves*

P.S.S. This is definitely a hate community.

P.S.S.S. My font is too small, get glasses.

Current Mood: CONTENT
1:02 pm
I guess I should start this off by saying that I haven't seen Jake in a very, very long time. Not since he and I both were still in Brevard county.

Secondly, I guess it may come as a surprise to the legions of masses that he abused and such, but he never stole from/used/took advantage of me. It was actually quite the opposite: He was always giving. Sometimes, I found that he lied about stuff, but storytelling is his hobby and it's not mine to bust it.

Whenever we hung out, he would give me gas money. He would usually randomly give me articles of clothing, which he seems to have a penchant for. He was always very complimentory... We used to play a lot of video games... DDR on a playstation controller seems to stand out in my mind for some reason.

There was one time that me and my ex were down and we hung out with him. We didn't have a place to stay, so he busted his ass in an attempt to find us a place that wasn't his house. So I appreciate the fact that he did care enough about us to stay with us when we were hanging out instead of just dumping us to sleep in my car, or something.

So I dunno. I haven't heard both sides of the story. If people were stolen from, I can understand their anger. But I think that a more personal conversation with the boy would do much better than an anti- community. Like I said previously, I don't know the sentiments as I remain one of the few (it seems) who was unused. But it seems that he's following instincts. Survival of the fittest, after all. Not that that's really a fit way to survive... But yeah.

So being unused, maybe I'm not fit to speak out in this community.
So being unused, I have no rights to judge your sentiments.
So being unused, I can thus remain neutral.


Current Mood: content
12:41 pm
I've never met jake.
I can't say I personally have much of anything against him.
I don't even know is he posts in his journal anymore.
11:59 am
this is why you don't meet pretty boys on the internet, guys
i'm sure there's a few more people in florida you can add to the list.

i'm not one of them. though i never let him stay with me....
i'm surprised he got as far out of florida as he did. i'm
sure some people are kind of jealous. (florida is one giant sinkhole)

but for reals, jake, why couldn't you just steal from hot topic?

and you could always try taking him to small claims court.
if you ever find him.
11:37 am
Ok, Jake added me because he found my Live Journal interesting, which is completely fine with me, since I don't make private posts, I let anyone add me, and I just stop adding people back, so don't connect me with the kid. Second, could you people please just grow the fuck up? If you have a problem of this sort with someone bringing it up like this on LJ is completely unneccesary and irrational. You're not solving shit, just annoying me, which isn't something you want to do. Stop being so immature, and if you have a qualm with someone, maybe try broaching the point with them directly instead of slamming them online? Just a thought. Anyway, this isn't "Flame posting" or whatever the fuck you kids call it, just trying to spread some damn sense.
10:38 am
just letting you know that if jake hadn't used me, i also would have thought this community was absolutely horrible. however, if someone had warned me beforehand, i wouldn't have let him.
9:10 am
This is stupid
This is horrible. Why would you make a community about someone personally and slander them all to hell. First off, those "vanity pictures" were taken with my camera. Secondly, I was the one who was going to give him a ride home after AFI, but my parents called and started bitching at it. Jake was nice enought to assure me that he could get home safely. He told me that he'd take my camera and get some good AFI pictures for me. WHICH HE DID. and He'd get the camera back to me. Well you know what he did? He got them developed for me, and had a friend of ours mail the pictures to me. Plus, it was my fault he started on this whole "homeless" thing. If I could have given him a ride home, he would still be in school and living in Kenosha. He would have never been in jail, running around in the streets with nowhere to go...You people have to realize that he's just trying to SURVIVE. How would you feel if your own family wouldn't take you back and you had no way to support yourself? You'd do the same God Damn thing. I think this community is a bunch of bullshit. If you really know him, then you'd know that there was a lot of things besides his light fingers that needs to be helped. Personally, I take responsibility for setting off this whole thing. I still love Jake, and I wish to hell I could see him again. Even though he "steals" from anyone, he's still welcome here.

Current Mood: angry
Thursday, April 8th, 2004
9:29 pm
Jakes never stolen anything from me...he lives in Cali right?...I live in like Virginia...hehe. I havent talked to him in a while but I had no clue he did all this stuff............darktrinity told me that hes done shit to him but ...you know....

Current Mood: disappointed
1:02 pm
only my opinion
Well I can't say that I know everyone's story or who is telling the truth anyway, not that it even matters now, because maybe it's better for everyone to just let go and keep living their lives like they have always been doing. No one is completely innocent in this thing so maybe people should just drop it 'cause it seems like everyone is doing fine anyway.

I'm leaving my name out of this cause Jake has never personally done anything to me and I don't hate people just because everyone else does. Personally, I think this whole thing has blown out of proportion anyway; sometimes I just wish that people would just forget it and settle down and either become friends again or just ignore each other. All the drama is not needed. Taking "sides" is stupid anyway, and I'm honestly going to say that I like both Adrian and Jake, everyone has their good and bad sides, and no one is going to make me change my mind.

I don't know, a lot of these things seem exaggerated anyway. And this is NOT like some stupid Jeffree craze or whatever. If you even wanted to compare Jake to Jeffree, Jake would look like a fucking saint. And I'm not blaming anyone, but perhaps the people who bought him tickets, clothes, or whatever - they voluntarily bought him those things. I've always wanted to go to the East Coast and hell, if someone offered me an airplane ticket to go there, of course I would take it. Or if people offered me concert tickets, etc, I don't think I'd be stupid enough to refuse that. This is what AmeriKKKa is fucking based on. Jeffree has gotten like $1500 from little 14 yr old girls who donate money to him when he has no need for it - that is what i call mooching, and even if it is, it's not exactly his fault, he's just the one accepting all the free shit.

So yea, once again...Jake has never done shit to me and I don't know the details about everyone else, but it doesn't exactly help to linger on everything because what has happened has already happened and you're just making yourself angry by thinking about it. I just say everyone drop the subject matter, and move on.

Blessed Be.
Ophelia ♥
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
1:36 am

sinthetikbeauty or whatever the fuck his livejournal name is
uhhhh ... Anthony if anyone knows him (The one in Mt. Dora)
glamtasticboi ... Taht's Niki ... And hwatever Adira's screenname here is

Might as well add them to the list

Might want to take a few things off though. Wouldn't want to falsely advertise.

I never took Adrian's cologne, and I never stole 300$ from Jess. That was spent mostly on whatever they wanted, not me, so it's rather bullshit to say that it was stolen, as I never held any of the money in my hands at any given time.

Ask Adrian about his using people.
Ask Jess where she gets the money for most of her cellphone bills and shit.

Adam's plane ticket was a whole 98$ ... 200$ my ass. I still have the e-papers and shit too.

I don't care if all this makes me a horrible person or whatever. To some extent it is disheartening afterwards thinking about the things I've ruined, but whatever. I've been mostly on my own without a stable place to stay since 14/15. No way of getting a job then or even having a means to support myself, and I damn sure am not going to sleep on the street or anything. I had no way to get new things, and had to do what I could to get by and have nice things. It works, and it's what I'm used to. If pissing a few people off means getting that when I couldn't any other way, than so be it. You try to get used to nto knowing where you're going to be he next day and shit and then come talk to me. It's not like I didn't consider these people my friends, but I do what I have to to get by. Don't worry, I won't ever see any of you ever again, so you don't have to watch your pockets. Thanks for the community. <3
Monday, April 5th, 2004
12:19 am
Hey, there...

My name's Jenny, and I met Jake through LiveJournal.

Figured I should post so Adira isn't the only one posting.

I guess all I can say right now is that everyone should watch out when dealing with Jake...especially those easily manipulated or with very giving natures...he'll take advantage of that. He seems like a sweetheart, but he is in fact a compulsive liar and klepto. He'll "borrow" things, and before you know it, he's gone.

Because of mine and my friends good nature, many of my friends and myself have had clothing/shoes basically stolen from us, not to mention all the miles he helped me put on my car driving back and forth from IL to WI to hang out with him/take him home when he missed the train.

So just be careful...
Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
8:21 pm
I met Jake through boysineyeliner a while back. I decided to go to AFI concert in milwaukee while I was at college and glitterdevil asks me if i want to meet him there. I say yeah and we met up after the concert. Then his ride had to go home and he wanted to hang out later so i said he could hang out with me and then stay in my dorm room before going back to his aunt's house. So after the show we met the band and decided to go to the greenbay show too. I paid for his dinner before we left, he said he would pay me back. So he stayed in my fucking dorm room, in my bed and then borrowed my favorite shirt, which i had gotten in japan and it has kyo eyes on it (its the one in the community profile). I thought he was okay and that he lived nearby and so we would be hanging out again and i would get my shirt back.
So then to get from beloit to green bay we had to take a greyhound bus. the tickets cost $50 each, one way. Jake said he had no money so i paid it for him (I was stupid enough to think he would give it to me). I paid for the ride to get to the greyhound stop too (which is in madison). On they way up i paid for his dinner. Once we got there. I met filfofepitomy and found out that Jake had "borrowed" several articles of her clothing, and of her friends' and handn't given it back. But i was still okay with jake. I had the shirt he wore to the first concert in my room and thought he would eventually come to reclaim it (even though it was a cheap hot topic shirt). Jake was being real nice and saying how cool it was to have someone living near him and that we would definitely hang out more often. I believed all of that bullshit. Then he ran off with someone from north carolina or whatever, in my shirt and without ever giving me a single penny. After i while i had given up on the money, but i asked him about my shirt and he said that he would send it to me, and that he had bought me the new dir en grey CD as well. that was the last i had heard from him.

Then filfofepitomy saw tadzio_di_pola post pictures of himself in the shirt. It turns out that jake was calling it his favorite shirt and telling tadzio_di_pola that he had bought it for $50 from a website, and gave it to him after getting bleach stains all over it.

what a dick.
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